Certified Nano Program in Web Design Fundamentals

Certified Nano Program in Web Design Fundamentals

Web Design and Development for everyone

Want to build your own portfolio on web. a family website, business to be online with a well crafted website.


Course contents

video Introduction to HTML
video HTML Tag
video HTML Formatting Tags
video HTML image Tag
video HTML_Table Tag
video CSS_Fundamentals
video CSS_Types
video CSS_Properties
video CSS_Advanced_Features_Part_1
video CSS_Advanced_Features_Part_2
video Introduction to JavaScript
video Advantages_and_Disadvantages
video Syntax
video Placement
video Data_Types_Variables
video Operators
video Conditional_Statements
video Loops
video Functions
video Event_Handling
video OOP_Intro
video Classes
video Objects
video Constructor_Prototype
video Static_Inheritance
video Polymorphism_Abstraction
video AJAX_Introduction
video AJAX_Workflow
video AJAX_XMLHttp
video AJAX_Request
video AJAX_Response
video AJAX_Event Occurrence
video AJAX_Security&Issues
video Bootstrap_Installation
video Bootstrap_Introduction
video Bootstrap_Content_Methods
video Bootstrap_Typography
video Bootstrap_Code
video Bootstrap_Images
video Bootstrap_Tables
video Bootstrap_Figures
video Bootstrap_Containers
video Bootstrap_Grid
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