Nano Certificate in Advance Python Programming

Nano Certificate in Advance Python Programming

Learn Python # 1 programming language of the 21st century

One source Python programming course, just right for all learners.

- Programming introduct


Course contents

video Python Programming - Fundamentals
video My First Code in Python
video Variables in Python
video Mulitple Assignment
video Operators
video Arithmetical Operatos
video Relational and Logical Operators
video Conditions and Loops
video Loops and Nested Loops
video Array & List - Introduction
video Array & List - Programming
video Introduction & Programming - Set
video Tuples in Python
video Dictionaries in Python
video Chain Mapping
video File Handling in Python
video User Defined Functions
video Exception Handling
video Exception handling Code Example
video Database Connectivity - Introduction
video Database Programing
video Object Oriented Programing
video Inheritance and Implementation
video Introduction to Django
video Setting up a project in Django
video Program in Django
video Using Input Form in Django
video Using Objects in Django
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