Python Programming

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  • Completion Period: 1 month

Learn Python # 1 programming language of the 21st century

One source Python programming course, just right for all learners.

- Programming introduction

- Python Introduction

- Advance Programming in Python

- DJango framework for Python

New modules on Flask, Analytics, Machine Learning will be added soon.



Python fundamentals
My First Code in Python
Python Programming - Fundamentals
My First Code in Python
Variables in Python
Mulitple Assignment
Arithmetical Operatos
Relational and Logical Operators
Conditions and Loops
Loops and Nested Loops
Array & List - Introduction
Array & List - Programming
Introduction & Programming - Set
Tuples in Python
Dictionaries in Python
Chain Mapping
File Handling in Python
User Defined Functions
Exception Handling
Exception handling Code Example
Database Connectivity - Introduction
Database Programing
Object Oriented Programing
Inheritance and Implementation